January 09, 2007

Hell Frozen. Official

It looks like Satan hasn't been paying his gas bill. The doomed souls are skating on what where the bubbling lakes of suphur, and the hell spawn have been made to wear wooly scarves by their mum. Polly Toynbee has got it right!

The religious are trying to use their choice of a superstition as a get out of jail free card for bigotry, and Polly is having none of it. As Brett Lock also points out they already have exactly the same protections for their chosen superstition yet seek to deny it for others based on the extremely selective choice of passages from the 'holy' books in order to explain their prejudice.

As Mr Lock says if we are to have protections based on certain groups then either all groups must be protected or none. Not all groups must be protected unless the prejudice against their genetics can be traced to some long dead religious nutter along with a whole lot of other things that all the present day religious nutters brush under the carpet as they don't serve their present day prejudices.


Whether their Lordships where responding to Polly's call or not the proposals have not only passed the opponents where toasted with a majority of three to one in favour.


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